How Dorrmat Works

Dorrmat is completely transparent throughout the whole buying process of your home.

Here's how it works…
How we work 1 1

Complete Enquiry form online

Now that you have planned for selling your house, fill in the enquiry form on our website. The more information provided, the more accurate the cash offers and the suggested MLS price can be.

How we work 2 2

One from our team will call & discuss

One of the elite experienced coordinators will call you & assist.

How we work 3 3

Receive multiple cash offer and a suggested listing price from a local real estate expert

Our system will deliver you multiple choices to selling your home. Based on your needs you will get to choose the path that best aligns with your needs.

How we work 4 4

Decide, Do you want to move further?

Once you know the whole selling procedure, it's your call now, if you want to move ahead or not. Never will one of our affiliated partners pressure you into moving forward. You are always in control with our system.

How we work 5 5

Complete & return paperwork

Once you decide to move further, it's time for some documentation. We will guide you through the process based on the experience program you chose.

How we work 6 6

Valuation & legal formalities

We help you out with every legal formality, and you don't need to stress. We work very hard to have the best experienced agents around to remove the hassle and stress of selling your home.

How we work 7 7

Confirm your desired closing date

If you have any suitable date, tell us!

How we work 8 8

Sale Done, Receive your proceeds and venture to your next destination. Yes, it is really is that simple

Tada! Congratulations...